Partner 1 is a research unit of the University of Caen-Normandie (EA4655, U2RM, Research Unit in Microbial Risk). This research unit includes 3 research teams, which two are dedicated to microbiology and one to virology. This virology team is headed by Astrid Vabret, and the two key words defining the research field are Nidovirales and Paramyxoviridae (specially measles and respiratory syncytial virus). This team was named as “comparative respiratory virology” and include both medical and veterinary scientist who are specialists in the field of respiratory infection of equines and humans. The laboratories has extensive experience and knowledge in diagnosis and epidemiological surveillance of respiratory viruses (National Reference Center for paramyxoviridae and measles). The laboratory is equipped for serological tests and molecular biology.

Research Unit in Microbial Risk will be implied in management and coordination and will be involved also in the investigations of coronaviruses in the Human, equine, and bovine populations.