Partner 4 belongs to the French agency for food, environmental and occupational health safety (Anses) which was created in 2010, from the association of two former agencies, the French food safety agency (Afssa) and the French environmental and occupational health safety agency (Afsset). Within Anses, six animal health laboratories are present in a scientific directory. This partner is the unit of wildlife diseases of Nancy laboratory for rabies and wildlife (Elodie Monchatre). This unit has a recognized expertise on scientific and field works dealing with epidemiological surveillance and epidemiology of pathogens in wildlife. In this scope, the unit centralizes data of the “SAGIR” network (national surveillance network for wildlife diseases) and leads epidemiological works (TBE, Lyme’s diseases, prednisone news com and bovine tuberculosis). This Unit has also an international expertise on Echinococcosis. This unit is connected with epidemiology unit of Anses laboratory for animal health, Maisons-Alfort (François Moutou). François Moutou has been involved in EPISARS project (6PCRD) devoted to the epidemiology of SARS epidemic in wildlife and in civet farms in China.