This partner is a joint laboratory between the INRA institute, the French agency for food, environmental health and safety and the national veterinary school of Alfort. The laboratory, headed by Dr S. Zientara, is divided into 5 research teams, which one is dedicated to the study of interspecies transmission of enteric viruses. Dr Sophie Le Poder co-animates this team and is in charge of the study of domestic carnivorous coronaviruses. The laboratory is equipped with biosafety level 2 and 3 facilities. Partner 2 has a great experience in diagnosis of feline and canine coronaviruses through serological or molecular methods. Partner 1 and 2 collaborated previously in a project named “REVISCO” financed by INRA and Region Basse-Normandie, concerning the opportunity of cross-species transmission of human and pet coronaviruses. S. Le Poder has been recently involved in a European network of canine coronavirus surveillance.